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Seasonal & Sale Specials

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CBD Sale Specials are products that we have discounted above and beyond the normal discounted prices we provide to our customers.  In almost all cases, our coupons are valid for these sale specials and they are a great chance to get products well below normal pricing.

Sale Specials may include seasonal items that are out of season.

All CBD sale special items still are of the highest quality and from our top brands, but for one reason or another, we would like to offer them to our customers at a special discounted rate for a period of time.  Enjoy!


Every sale special item fits into one of our other product categories, so be sure to read about how to use that product on the product description, the product label when you receive it, or in the bottom-page descriptions for that category.  As always, call or contact us here for any questions.


Every CBD sale special product is part of one of our other product categories where you can read about the best use.


CBD sale special dosing is specific to that product type and individual.  Read about dosing on any of our product category pages or contact us for assistance.

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